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Soil pH tester

Soil pH tester

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This meter with 4 functions test for PH of soil, moisture, light, temperature

Electronic digital soils Four in the soil analyzer is the latest speed measuring devices, the main test soil pH, moisture, humidity, temperature and light intensity plants, using a 9V carbon-zinc batteries, simple operation, probe length 200 mm. The instrument parameters measured by the liquid crystal display. This instrument also has a battery low indicator and auto power off function (5 minutes automatic shutdown is not used.) It saves time and effort, and high efficiency. The instrument is suitable for planting flowers and grass, landscaping.

● Measurement of the current environment of light intensity;
● Measurement of soil water content;
● Measurement of soil temperature and pH;
● Large LCD user interface;
● Temperature metric conversion;
● Power shortage prompts;
● Automatic power off function can be
● Simple, easy to carry

Product size: 122mm * 36mm * 63mm


Please install the batteries before use, remove the probe protective cover.

1. Light measurement:

A. Press the ON button to turn the instrument
B. Align the highest point of the light source sensor window.
C. The current intensity of light will be displayed on the LCD monitor.

sunlight (9 levels)


Test range

moiosture(5 levels)


PH value(12 levels)

3.5~9.0 pH (display resolution 0.5)


-9~50°C (16~122°F)

: Do not block light or light sensors to create shadows.

2. PH
range of measurement:
A. Press thePH / TEMPbutton on the back of the PH value of the location
B. The probe vertically into the soil, the need for testing as soon as possible. Do not probe too deep insertion of the side damage plant roots.
C. Press theONbutton to start the measurement.
D. The PH value test will be displayed on the LCD screen.
E. More than a few times come to the exact measurement value.

1 Vertical insertion probe, in the middle of the edge of the plant stem.
2 Gently push the soil survey in order to avoid damage to the probe.
3 If the measurement of the soil is too dry or too fertile can not accurately measure the PH   value, the user can sprinkle a little water, then measure it again half an hour 

3. Moisture measurement:

A. Press thePH / TEMPbutton in the back of the instrument TEMP
B. Vertically into the soil as much as possible. Do not probe too deep insertion of the side damage plant roots.
C. Press theONbutton to start the measurement.
D. Testing of soil moisture values will be displayed on the LCD screen.
E. More than a few times come to the exact measurement value.

4. Temperature measurement:

A. When measuring humidity at the same time, soil temperature will also be displayed on the     LCD screen.
B. Press℃ / ℉ OFFbutton to set the temperature display is ℃ or ℉.
Tips: If the user not to probe into the soil, then shows the exact temperature of the external space environment.

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