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Plant Ties

Plant ties are used to tie the plants onto supporting stakes and trellis. We provide Twist ties, Soft ties, Clips and Wires and other more models of plant ties. They help the plants to resist the strong wind, the ties also can hold the loose stems and branches together with falling down.

The soft plant ties, are very soft material in silicone rubber or TPR soft plastic with flexible iron core, this kind of ties have variety sizes, diameter in 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 5mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and also variety of length each roll of packing for option. The silicone rubber material is super gentle, the ties have no harm on delicate plants.

The twist ties, is PE coated wire, which is against moisture, easily twisted. It is rolled together with the cutter, very easy cut the length for users. And we provide variety of length from 20metres to 100metres on each roll of packing for option. This twist tie is for securing plants onto trellis, stakes, and other plant supports.

Plant Clips for supporting connect the stems and branches of plants onto the plant stakes, protect the plant against wind damage, they are gentle, no harm to plants, and help the plant grow up better. We have various models for your choice, Orchid Clips, Tomato Clips, Grafting Clips, and more models of support clips for different plants, these plant clips are used for flowers and other vine plants in the garden and greenhouse.

Orchid clips are used for orchids plant supports in the garden and greenhouse, and most for phalaenopsis flowers, to connect the stems onto the plant stakes, they help the orchid plant stand up and grow better, and also help to display orchid more beautiful. Various sizes and colors of orchid clips are for choice.

Tomato clips have the different shapes in the round, the arch, and hooks. The tomato clips in round shape support the plants throughout their growth greatly, the twine goes through the back of the clip and fixed to the plant trellis, it connects tomato plants to the trellis easily. The tomato clips in arch are used to prevent the stems breaking when fruit becomes too heavy. And these plant arches clips help dramatically increase the fruit size, therefore also increasing the higher productivity. They are not only as tomato supports, also as cucumber, peppers and other fruits and vegetable plants supports.

The plant support hooks attached to string, are placed around a stem to support the fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other plants.
Another kind of plant hooks with twines, you can decide yourself the length of free fall. The hook in 18cm is used in lower greenhouses or slow growing crops, the hook in 22cm is used in higher greenhouse, for cucumbers and other faster growing crops.

Plant wire is metal wire with different finish treatment for greenhouse and agriculture using, we supply the Hot-dipped Galvanized Wire, Zinc-Aluminum Galvanized Wire, Black Metal Wire, PVC coated Metal Wire, Polyester Wire.

Zinc-Aluminum alloyed metal wire is easier to transform. Black Metal Wire has good flexibility and easier to transform as well. PVC coated metal wire offers excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized wire, different colors available is another benefits of PVC coated metal wire. Furthermore, these plant wires are rustproof, used for both inside of greenhouse and outside.

The Polyester Wire even offers more advantages than metal wires and nylon wires, less elongation, less water or humidity absorption than nylon wires, 6 times lighter than steel wire, very easy to handle, installation is 3 times faster than metal wire, consistent Strength, low elongation, using life in 8~12years. U.V. and weather stabilized, it does not breakdown from exposure to sunlight and it is maintenance free in winter and summer. Its stability against extreme temperature prevents melting and damaging to the greenhouse film covers and plants. No rust, no corrosion, very resistant to chemicals and fertilizers. It lasts 2-3times longer than metal wire. No damage to plants and animals.

Plant wire is wide used for garden binding and ties, support lines for vineyard, construction for plant trellis and greenhouse pull screen system and outdoor or indoor awning, support lines for greenhouse film covers.

They are packed by big rolls and wires diameter 0.25mm~5mm, or packed on wooden sticks and wires diameter 0.3mm~1.0mm. The length on rolls can be customized.

Moreover, we also supply plant rope in natural material, such as Jute rope, Ruffia rope, fabric rope, which are quite popular to be used for garden and florist binding, and eco-friendly from natural materials. Natural and more colors are all available. Jute rope in 2 thread, 3 thread, 4 thread for option.
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