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Plant supports with natural bamboo stakes, fiberglass garden stakes, plastic coated metal stakes, spiral tomato stakes, are widely used in garden, greenhouse, and agricultural land. These plant stakes support the plants to grow up, avoid them falling down or breaking off. These stakes can be built up to the trellis, supporting vine plants such as orchid flowers, tomatoes, etc. In the underneath, we mainly introduce the products of natural bamboo stakes and fiberglass garden stakes:

Natural bamboo stakes are made of natural bamboo material, often used for Orchid support and other flower supports. We select the good strength quality of bamboo material in China, all the materials are dried enough and under special mildew proof treatment. We supply full range of sizes, finishing, and colors. The diameter could be from 2.5mm to 8mm, and length from 15cm to 100cm, we also can arrange the new specification according to your requirements. The bamboo stakes finishing can be natural, color painted, dying and waxed protection, clear foil coating, color foil coating, so various models for option.

Fiberglass garden stakes are also used for orchid support, flower supports, or other vine plant supports. The fiberglass stakes have high strength, very strong stiffness, corrosion resistance, flex with wind, snow and ice, and 100% waterproof, can be used in moisture condition, also UV coating, all these make fiberglass stakes longer using life. Colors can be black, dark green, dark brown, and other customized colors. The diameter could be from 6mm to 20mm, length could be 30cm~700cm, it is hollowed and light weight. We can produce the specific fiberglass stakes according to your requirement.
  • Fiberglass Stakes Fiberglass Stakes 2018-04-08 Packing:Small lengths in cartons; Big lengths in woven bagsMaterial:FiberglassQuality:* High strenght, very strong stiffness* Corrosion resistance* Flexible* Against wind,snow,ice* UV coating* Longer ... view
  • Tomato Stakes Tomato Stakes 2018-04-08 Packing: 10pcs per bundle, then bundles packed on palletMaterial:galvanized steel wireQuality and Features:* high strength,strong stiffness; * flex in the wind, rustproof; ... view
  • Tomato Plant Supports Tomato Plant Supports 2018-04-08 Material:Galvanized steel wireQuality:* High strength,strong stiffness;* Flex in the wind, rustproof;* Longer using life;* Easy to use.Applies:These support cages are mainly used for tomato plant supp... view
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