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Plant Markers and Label

Plant markers, as the plant label, are used to identify the plants and flowers in the garden, greenhouse. They can be directly inserted to the soil as a sign for the plants, and some labels with a hole can be hung on the plants. On the blank labels, you can stick a label with logo and name printing or directly write the plant names with a mark pen on the plant label plates, or directly put cards on some model of plant labels, also we provide variety of shapes and styles of plant markers for option: plastic label, zinc coated metal sign, wood labels, natural stone sign. Besides of these, we also can do OEM print for plant labels with color print.
The plant labels in environment protection material, waterproof, and the color print labels is UV coated for the Sun-proof.
You can choose our models, also may send your models, we would like to arrange the production for you according to your requirements.

Ground staples, as plastic nails, fix the ground cover or plant net on the ground.
  • Size: length*top in 11cm*3cm, 16cm*3.5cm, 20cm*4cm
  • Material: HDPE
  • Color: black, green.
  • Package: 500pcs/poly bag or 100pcs/poly bag , or 10pcs/bag with header card

Garden Tool Bags with many pockets can hold various tools, which are really convenient for growers, the bag material is canvas fabric, strong and thick. Customer can choose the models of tools, together with the model of bag, we supply the complete unit set.

Grafting Tool include grafting scissors, grafting knife, grafting tapes, are easy to operate for normal people. The scissors size is suitable to handle, slightly to move the lock of scissors, open the scissors, easily prune branches.

With multiple cutter blades of this grafting scissor, you all can do the grafting by yourself without technician people. It is high efficiency, quick healing. Preparing the plant to be grafted, prune the extra branches, put the middle of brunch to the cutter blades, must be placed just at the cutter point, press the handle and cut it, this creates a male and a female interface. And the same operation on another branch, connect the male and female interface, wrap it with grafting tape, to prevent water loss and wound infection, thus, the grafting is completed.

Irrigation pipe, is high quality irrigation hose, suitable for large micro spraying, applied in the greenhouse, garden, agriculture land for fruit trees, vegetables, grow seedlings, grass, etc in large irrigation area. The high quality raw material of PE comes from German Basf Inc and ultraviolet resistance ratio, it is high strength, flexible, easy to coil. The water margin with unilateral 1~3 meters, 2~6 meters bilateral, which saves 50~80% labor, 40%~80% water, 50% fertilizer and increase production 10~30%, the using life at least 3 years tested by Laboratory Simulated, the actual use aging longer. Products passed inspection by the National Authority Chinese Inspection Department. Two function for option:

(1) Cross aperture model is the hose with small holes in a certain distance on the hose, the water comes out from the small holes and irrigate the planting area.
(2) the hose connect the spay head for spaying. The effective spraying width could be 2m ~7m, 6m~8m, 8m~10m, etc, the length has 100m or 200m. colors in green, black, white, etc. We provide the suitable one according to your requirement.

Moreover, our garden hose and fittings including nozzles, sprinklers improve integrated solution of garden watering and agriculture water-saving irrigation, which have high performance and various models. Please go to the inner pages, to find the ones what you want.  
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  • Plant Markers In Stone Plant Markers In Stone 2018-04-24 Packing:Each piece in a bubble bag, more pieces in an inner box, then into outer carton.Material:Black slate, natural stoneQuality:* These plant markers and labels are in natural stone slate.* Be wash... view
  • Plant Labels With Print Plant Labels With Print 2018-04-24 Packing:CustomizedMaterial:PP or PVCQuality:* Environment protection material* UV coating, sun-proof and waterproof* An identified mark and exquisite* OEM print design Applies:These plant labels with ... view
  • Ground Staples Ground Staples 2018-04-24 Packing:Some pcs in polybagMaterial:PPQuality:* Good strength* Corrosion resistanceApplies:Can fix gardening cloth, insect net, sunshade net view
  • Garden Tool Bags Garden Tool Bags 2018-04-24 Material:Tool bag in polyester or canvasQuality:* Bag is made of good strength material, lightweight, durable, waterproof and portable* with pockets, to hold the tools Applies:The tool bag with full s... view
  • Grafting Tool Grafting Tool 2018-04-24 Packing:Each piece in a blister cardMaterial:Plastic and chromed steelQuality:* Every piece is inspected strictly* Metal blades with sawtooth to be antiskid* High temperature resistance, high toughnes... view
  • Grafting Tape Grafting Tape 2018-04-24 Material:PEQuality:* Elasticity* Self-adhesive* Waterproof Applies:To graft plants like grapes, citrus, loquat fruit branches, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, etc. view
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