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Biodegradable Mulch Film

Biodegradable Mulch Film

Colors: Clear, Black
Size: Width: 0.25m ~ 3.2m; Thickness: 8um ~ 15um
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In the rolls


PLA (polylactic acid),also called "Corn Plastic", from natural, renewable starch of crops such as corn, potato.


* 100% compostable and biodegradable.
* The biodegrade procedure will take 3months ~ 6months under compost condition according to different size and thickness of the mulch film.
* The quality of tensile strength and elongation break as the standard of GB/T 1040-1992.
* Exellent hydrolysis resistance and weather resistance.
* Good insulation and soil moisture conservation.


The same usage of the mulch film, suppressing weed growth, controling bed temperature, increasing the efficacy of fumigation and protecting the crop from touching the soil directly.  Application: asparagus and other fruits and vegetables' growing, hydroponic poly film.

Our Advantage of Biodegradable Mulch Film:

* ECO friendly, this biodegradable mulch film save more than 75% petrochemical resource, and reduce 60% co2 emission, comparing to the normal plastic.
* As it is made from nature crops starch, non-toxic and no pollution
* No residual damages to soil, animals, drainage, etc
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