Garden Accessories Toolings


Material:   PE


Colors:  green, black, and other customized color


Size:  various models, various sizes



These garden accessories include the tools of picking up the seedling plants, the plastic nail to fix the greenhouse film, and some more fixing tools used on plant trellis, etc, these toolings are widely used in the garden and greenhouse. 






* easy to use in the garden and greenhouse     

* durable and reusable    

* material eco-friendly, recycled   



green, black, and other customized color



some pieces in a polybag with a color print head card



various models, various sizes


Our advantages:

* We have various plant ties in different materials for the different use;                    

* We can research the new models for your special request;                      

* Strictly quanlity control, we check the product quality and be sure the batch production quality same as the approved.                           

* Check the production loading properly.                             

* Tracking the producing time, taking care of delivery as schedule.                          

* We supply wide range of products for greenhouse supplies on horticulture and agriculture.

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Garden Accessories Toolings

Garden Accessories Toolings

These garden accessories include the tools of picking up the seedling plants, the plastic nail to fix the greenhouse film, and some more fixing tools used on plant trellis, etc, these toolings are widely used in the garden and greenhouse.
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