Plant Clips


Size:various shapes, different sizes




these plant clips are used for flowers and other vine plants in the garden and greenhouse

they connect stems and branches of the plant onto the plant stakes to protect the plant against wind damage.






* Smoothy finish, no burrs 

* no sharps design, no damage on flowers       



dark green, light green, olive green, antracite, dark brown, etc other colors






pieces in a polybag, then bags in the carton.          

Or polybag with color print head card.        

Or in blister card.         

Or any other customized packing need.



various shapes, different sizes


Our advantage:

* Strictly quanlity control, we check the product quality and be sure the batch production quality same as the approved.

* Check the production loading properly.

* Tracking the producing time, taking care of delivery as schedule.

* can do customers' logo on package, also can make new models as customers' design.     

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Tomato Hooks Supports

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Tomato Clips In Round Shape

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