Anti-insect Net

Material:   100% new HDPE and UV 3%


Colors:  transparent



1. Anti-pollen screen, open size of mesh 0.07*0.27mm, wire diameter 0.17mm, luminousness 50%;

2. Anti-thrips screen, open size of mesh 0.22*0.31mm, wire diameter 0.20mm, luminousness 77%;

3. Anti-whitefly screen, open size of mesh 0.27*0.77mm, wire diameter 0.22mm, luminousness 82%;

4. Anti-aphid screen, open size of mesh 0.49*0.77mm, wire diameter 0.22mm, luminousness 84%;   

5. Anti-miner screen, open size of mesh 0.95*1.05mm, wire diameter 0.28mm, luminousness 88%;  

6. Anti-cabbage fly screen, open size of mesh 1.35*1.35mm, wire diameter 0.24mm, luminousness 91%;

7. Anti-bee screen, open size of mesh 2*7mm, luminousness 85%;


This anti-insect net is applied to vegetable cultivation



100% new HDPE and UV 3%



* Very small size of opening eyes of mesh available                

* preventing pests and diseases                 

* strong product strength 

* radiation resistance    

* corrosion resistance    

* non-toxic and tasteless * useful life 3~5years  






200meters per roll



1. Anti-pollen screen, open size of mesh 0.07*0.27mm, wire diameter 0.17mm, luminousness 50%;                

2. Anti-thrips screen, open size of mesh 0.22*0.31mm, wire diameter 0.20mm, luminousness 77%;                

3. Anti-whitefly screen, open size of mesh 0.27*0.77mm, wire diameter 0.22mm, luminousness 82%;                

4. Anti-aphid screen, open size of mesh 0.49*0.77mm, wire diameter 0.22mm, luminousness 84%;                

5. Anti-miner screen, open size of mesh 0.95*1.05mm, wire diameter 0.28mm, luminousness 88%;               

6. Anti-cabbage fly screen, open size of mesh 1.35*1.35mm, wire diameter 0.24mm, luminousness 91%;                

7. Anti-bee screen, open size of mesh 2*7mm, luminousness 85%; 


 Our advantage:

* We have various plant netting for the different use on agriculture: plant supporting netting, windbreak netting, shade screen net, anti-bird netting, anti-insect netting, olive net, etc.            

* We can research the new models for your special request;                      

* Strictly quanlity control, we check the product quality and be sure the batch production quality same as the approved.                            

* Check the production loading properly.                              

* Tracking the producing time, taking care of delivery as schedule.                          

* We supply wide range of products for greenhouse supplies on horticulture and agriculture. 

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