Evaporative Cooling Pad

  • Features and Quality

  1.  Made of corrugated fiber paper with the spatial crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-mildew.
  2.  High hygroscopicity, to absorb water naturally, with fast speed of pervasion and lasting effectiveness.
  3.  Specific stereoscopic structure, supplying enough surface area for heat exchange of the water and air
  4.  No micro hole on the surface. No phenol in the raw material.



  • Function


The cooling process of Evaporative Cooling System is accomplished at the paper pad. This cooling pad is made of corrugated fiber paper which is covered by thin layer water film. When the outside hot air passes through the paper, water on the thin film will absorb the heat in the air and evaporate into vapor. And the cool and humid air will enter the room. The processing is just like the wind blowing through the water level.



  • The temperature difference between the Wet-bulb and dry bulb:


Temperature of the dry bulb and the wet bulb is different at any time in the outside. Temperature of the dry bulb is high, and that of the wet bulb is lower. In hotter weather, the bigger temperature gap between dry bulb and wet bulb.



  • Frame of Cooling Pad:


The frame can be made of galvanized aluminum alloy or stainless steel, beautiful and practical, high-strength, easy to maintain and replace cooling paper.

Antioxidant treatment process enhanced service life.

Cooling paper is made of high quality corrugated fiber paper from Kiamusze. High hygroscopicity, good effect of refrigeration.

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Evaporative Cooling Pad

The cooling process of Evaporative Cooling System is accomplished at the paper pad.