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What is Intelligent Agriculture



The concept of Intelligent Agriculture


The so-called "Intelligent Agriculture" is to make full use of modern information technology, integration of computer and network technology, audio and video technology, 3S technology, wireless communication technology and expert knowledge and knowledge. This realize agricultural visualization of remote diagnosis, remote control, disaster early warning of intelligent management etc.


Intelligent agriculture is the advanced stage of agricultural production, is a new Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and networking technology as a whole, relying on the deployment of various sensor nodes (environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, images, etc.) and wireless communication network to achieve agricultural production environment of intelligent perception, intelligent warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent analysis, expert online guidance for agricultural production to provide accurate planting, visual management, intelligent decision-making.

Intelligent agriculture is a comprehensive application of information technology, such as cloud computing, sensor network, 3S and so on. "Intelligent agriculture" and modern biotechnology, planting technology and other high-tech are integrated in the one, this has important significance on the construction of the world level of agriculture


System Technical Characteristics


Intelligent agriculture is the application of the Internet technology in modern agriculture, which mainly has the function of monitoring and controlling system, monitoring system, real-time image and video surveillance.


(1) Monitoring system: according to the wireless network to obtain the plant growth environment information, such as monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, plant nutrient content and other parameters. And according to the above all kinds of information feedback, making the agriculture automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic roll mould, automatic liquid fertilizer, automatic spraying and other automatic control.


(2) Monitoring system: in the agricultural park to achieve automatic information detection and control, through a wireless sensor node, solar power supply system, information collection and information routing device equipped with wireless sensor transmission system, each wireless sensor node can monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, plant nutrient content and other parameters. According to the needs of the growing crops to provide a variety of sound and light alarm information and SMS alarm.


Intelligent Controlling System  


(3) Real time image and video surveillance system: the video surveillance system, which can reflect the real-time state of crop production, and the video image and image processing, can reflect the growth of some crops directly, and can reflect the whole state and the nutrition level of crop growth. It can provide farmers with more scientific basis for decision making.


The Significance of Intelligent Agriculture


Our country is a big agricultural country, but not a strong agricultural country, agricultural production is still based on the traditional production mode, the traditional farming can only rely on the experience of irrigation, not only a large number of human and material resources, but also to environmental protection and soil and water conservation constitute a serious threat.


The intelligent agricultural technology with real-time, dynamic agricultural network information acquisition system, to achieve fast, multi-dimensional, multi - scale orchard information real-time monitoring. And based on the Planting Expert System, achieve farmland intelligent irrigation, intelligent fertilization and intelligent spraying and other automatic control.


The effect of Intelligent Agriculture


"Intelligent agriculture" can effectively improve the agricultural ecological environment. The farmland, livestock farms, aquaculture base production units and the surrounding ecological environment regarded as a whole, and through the system, protect the ecological environment of agricultural production in the tolerance range, such as quantitative fertilization will not cause soil compaction, the disposal of livestock and poultry feces will not cause water and air pollution, but be fertilizing soil.


"Intelligent agriculture" can significantly improve the efficiency of agricultural production and management. This kind of intelligent machine replaces human's agricultural work, not only solves the problem that the agricultural labor force is increasingly scarce, but also realizes the agricultural production scale, intensive, factory, improve the agricultural production of natural environment risk response ability, so that the traditional agriculture into a modern industry with high efficiency.


"Intelligent agriculture" can change the structure of agricultural producer, consumer and organization.