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  • What films to be used as greenhouse film?

What films to be used as greenhouse film?


Most modern greenhouse film is PC Board, which is the abbreviation of polycarbonate plates, mainly used in the field of architecture before. Due to its excellent thermal insulation properties, it has been used in greenhouse field as greenhouse film in recent years. Greenhouse sealing with pc board is much better than ordinary plastic greenhouses, so the overall insulation is high.

greenhouse film-Shanghai JL

Let's have a look at the common greenhouse films as below:


A. Normal PVC film: in the production process not adding older resistance additive, can be used for 4-6 months to produce crops for a season, currently being phased out.


B. PVC anti-aging greenhouse film
Raw materials are added with anti-aging agent, the effective use of 8-10 months, good light transmittance, thermal insulation and weathering.

greenhouse films anti-aging

C. PVC-free drop of anti-aging greenhouse film also has anti aging and drain characteristic, good light transmission and thermal insulation, no drops can keep 4-6 months, safe service life of 12-18 months, widely applied and firs choice of covering material for the most efficient energy-saving sunlight greenhouse.


D. Weather resistance anti-drip, PVC dust greenhouse films: in addition to outside weathering characteristics of flow drops, films processed, plasticizer small amount of precipitation, less dust, improved light transmission rate, and more favourable cultivation in sunlight greenhouse in winter and spring.


E. PVC tree can be used as mulch film, adding a certain amount of color masterbatch for production of films in different colors.


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