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Vegetables Greenhouse Cost Analysis

Construction base cost has significant differences associated with building type.

The base is divided into wall base and brick base. 

Wall based construction is lower-cost, and the main construction contents for building is earth pile up. If you need to beam the former walls and beams at the top of the back wall sections. Retaining walls as the wall body has good insulation properties, which is superior to the brick base and relatively low construction costs. But retaining wall as a basis, the drawback is the land utilization rate is too low, generally 60%~70% of the general access to land. In addition, wall waterproof performance is poor, if the drainage issue performs badly, after rain washed for a long time, easily to cause wall collapses and bring about greenhouse plant losses.


If using brick walls as thermal insulation wall, its construction costs are relatively high. Generally do not require additional thermal insulation materials in central China, and in the northern part of our country need to wall or external auxiliary heat housing estates. Brick wall thickness of General 370mm~500mm, front wall and back wall of the top ring beam (if you want to save cost, front wall and back wall slot using another connection). Brickbase part of the building includes the concrete foundation, brick walls, ring beam of material costs and labor costs, freight, machinery, etc.


With the development of greenhouse, greenhouse now has a new mode of construction. Many greenhouse designs built removed the back wall, and to build a 75mm or 100mm color steel plate cover, without soil or barrier blocks as the rear wall, thus saving costs. But this back wall structure suitable for central or near South, the North is not recommended, because  the walls are too thin, in winter days the greenhouse crops are easily to be frozen caused by extreme weather. And this rear wall of the structure must be designed well of the skeleton, including angles, or in case of a heavy snow, the whole greenhouses would collapse with huge losses.


1. The main body of greenhouse is the steel skeleton, the rest are covering materials and related fittings. Main steel frame is generally divided into welded or fabricated. Skeleton materials used for welding galvanized pipe or ellipse tube. But the welded skeleton type has bad antiseptic effect, high greenhouse temperature, easy to rust, thus bad for planting and seedling, and flower. Thus here we mainly introduce the fabricated structures type sunlight greenhouse.


2. Covering material is mainly agricultural film (mulch film or nutrient film), also some use sun panel as the covering material. But considering the sun panel as a covering material, aluminum connectors have to be used, thus will cost too much and poor cooling effect in summer day, can be used in the northern region.  Different quality of film also matters a lot to your greenhouse. Here at JL, it offers high quality agricultural film made from 100% virgin PE or premium virgin PE, thickness from 10-1000mic. Normally these film can be used 3-5 years. More specifications to know, please feel free to contact us (Email: info@jychinasourcing.com). 

jl agricultural film

3. Ventilation systems and related
In order to prevent overheating in summer, as well as greenhouse too big in winter, greenhouses need to be set up at the top and bottom a ventilation system of roll film. Ventilation can be divided into electric or manual, in actual construction manual roll-ventilation systems are more used. In building this ventilation system, building content includes roll film, roll bars, insect killer light and net etc.


4. Thermal insulation system and its related
Temperature insulation mainly refers to the automatic shutter system, previously most of the shutters manually using the grass thatch, now change to insulation blankets, and the rain-type insulation is the best. But insulation is not suggested with double rain-proof, because the insulation is very perishable under long rain and direct sunlight.  Insulation system contains the main material for insulation, rolling shutters, curtain bracket, power distribution cabinet, power distribution cables.