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Vegetable greenhouse construction


Beginning in the spring, it is good time to set up vegetable greenhouse. In the process of building greenhouse, there are several key issues should be confirmed such as greenhouse type, choice of material, the form of block select, greenhouse specifications. In order to solve these problems, we give you the following detailed instructions.


The North area is focus on sunlight greenhouse, namely plastic agricultural film greenhouses. Its skeleton made of the main two materials: natural bamboo poles, stakes and metal steel pipe. Currently, most farmers will choose bamboo poles as the main structure considering lower-cost. In contrast, steel shed has more obvious advantages, long life, strong resilience, but cost more, so lot of farmers are not acceptable. 


Greenhouse material choices

 In the North, winter days have too much rain and snow, high air humidity, phenomena such as severe sand-dust storm in recent years, it is recommended that you build single span steel tube shed greenhouse, which is steel instead of wood and bamboo, features in rust-resistant, solid, and strong enough to resist snow.


Plots of land choice and direction

First to determine is the plot has fertile soil, lower underground water level, convenient irrigation and drainage. In General, the greenhouses are mainly North-South, East and west sides set outlet. Such designs are not only able to reduce indoor humidity, and also to avoid mutual shading of the variety of plants in the greenhouse to increase ventilation.


Greenhouse specifications

Specification span is generally 7-8M, length 40-55m, high 2.8-3.2m, which is strictly arranged according to the environment against wind and snow conditions, so as to increase the amount of ventilation in the shed, land utilization, and providing more favorable growing conditions for plants.