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  • [To buy plant trellis] Planting with Plant Trellis

[To buy plant trellis] Planting with Plant Trellis


Plantation with plant trellis can be seen everywhere in the landscape, which is on one hand for tourists to rest , on the other hand, create favorable growing conditions for climbing plants. Using climbing plants for afforestation can make up for the shortage of green space, not only beautify the environment, and increasing the green area, good ecological benefits. Today, plant trellis has become popular for vertical plantation for greenhouse, gardens, summer resort, recreation, factories and offices in order to create a good living environment.


Using plant trellis for climbing plants, attached to flower and three-dimensional structure of the promenade, is better for more tourist activities places, and plant trellis is the most popular way to support climbing plants.


As for Chinese classical gardens, plant trellis can be wooden, bamboo and ropes, or combined with hall, pavilions, garden gate and bridge, forming shape beautiful garden complex, and even can be used for roof gardens.


Climbing plants usually are winding and woody plants such as wisteria, grapes, akebia, Kiwi, soar, climbing rose, honeysuckle, slender trailing tendrils, or some kind is also suitable for a good variety of plants, such as rose and woody, but in early time it should be made therein to climbing artificially.


If you want to cover the top and sides to form a green corridor or flowers, it’s better to choose healthy, strong branches, thick leaf vines and beautiful flower, Wisteria Lane in the North, flame flower in the South. Flowers and fruits such as grapes, Kiwi plants hidden in the foliage, especially with plant trellis for landscaping; smaller-size of plantation, tiny leaves of plants flower like clematis, double butterfly flowers can be selected.


Plantation with plant trellis should be well designed according to the climbing plant characteristics, landscape ideas form, and the characteristics of plant biology. It’s suggested not be too large, as close as possible to nature.

plant trellis support for planation