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  • The Current Situation and Prospect of China Horticultural Products Market

The Current Situation and Prospect of China Horticultural Products Market

With the development of the world's horticultural products industry, China has become the world's garden supplies manufacturing center, the domestic horticultural industry has developed rapidly, and has become an independent industry segments. Horticultural products can is divided into the following five categories: hand tools, gardening supplies, horticultural machinery, gardening irrigation supplies, horticultural decorative products and horticultural accessories supplies.

Influencing factors and current situation of the development of horticultural products industry in China
Along with the development of the global horticultural industry, China is learning and improving the advanced experience in the design, research and development and production of foreign horticultural products, the China horticultural industry has been developing rapidly.
1. gardening supplies industry development factors
(1) The garden culture has penetrated all aspects of life, and it has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of horticultural products.
(2) National industrial policy has given strong support on the development, production and sales of garden supplies, but also put forward higher requirements. To encourage the development of energy_saving, water saving, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources and other technologydevelopment, application and equipment manufacturing, comprehensive utilization of renewable resources development projects (such as eco homes), these fieldsare closely linked with the horticultural industry. And Gardening supplies are part of the light industry, with the support of the state of light industry, horticultural products industry will also benefit from.
(3) Urban green development to promote public consumption of horticultural products
(4) Residents' income increased, improved living conditions, this also promotes the consumption of horticultural products.
2, China's horticultural products market size and forecast
The development of horticultural products industry is influenced by many factors. Through the analysis of the development course of the horticultural industry in
some developed countries, it is not hard to see that the development of GDP, the level of per capita income and the increase of green area have a positive impact on
the development of the garden products industry.
The competition of Chinese garden products industry
The development of the main garden products in foreign countries and the development of the integrated horticulture crops planting, gardening supplies production
and sales and gardening program design and construction, followup maintenance of the various professional sectors, the industry chain is complete. But in China the
horticulture industry is in the primary stage of development, the basic construction of horticulture, gardening supplies and horticultural services as the basic
necessities, the demand is greater, horticultural services in general to improve the value of horticultural products, which makes the quality and brand of horticultural
products directly determines the quality of horticultural services.
The development trend of China horticultural products industry
From the experience of foreign horticultural market development, with the development of the economy, the increase of urban high income people, the increase of
high_grade apartments and villas will bring space to the development of home gardening. China's reform and opening up 30 years ago, the economy continues to
grow, with the increase in income levels, more and more people in their own balcony and garden for the cultivation of flowers and their own garden design
decoration, in order to improve the living space, improve the quality of life.
(1) Home gardening to ensure the stable growth of horticultural products consumption. While people have a lot of demand for the horticultural crops, the demand for
the garden products is gradually increasing, the home gardening has gradually become a part of people's life, and will support the stable growth of horticultural
products consumption.
(2) The market guidance mechanism is being formed. As China's horticultural industry is still in the primary stage, the lack of the imagination and the ability to carry
out the gardening life, the consumption of the related gardening products also need to be guided by professional guidance.
(3) Diversification and standardization of market sales channels. In recent years, with the continuous development of horticultural consumption and mature, new
types of sales began to appear, such as small garden center, franchise stores, etc., these new channels not only provide the sale of horticultural products, but also
provide professional advice, gardening program design, follow-up construction and maintenance, etc.
(4) The development of horticultural products to promote the development of the design and projects of horticulture. From the perspective of the industrial chain of
horticulture, the design and development of horticultural products, the design of the project, the construction and maintenance of the construction, the sale and the
demand of the horticultural products are influenced by each other.