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  • Greenhouse Film: questions about greenhouse film?

Greenhouse Film: questions about greenhouse film?

What thickness is proper for greenhouse film?


Q: Greenhouse is built on the seaside, large wind, both wish to shed light better and also hope that the greenhouse film will use longer and able to withstand wind.  How about the greenhouse film of thickness 0.08mm?




Effective use for 16-18
Months, the purchasing film thickness


24-36 Months, the purchasing film thickness


Multispan greenhouse the greenhouse film thickness needs
0.15mm or more.


0.08mm film is commonly used as the minimum thickness of the film, if it is to block sea breezes at the beach, a thicker film is better! 0.12 to 0.15mm is recommended as well. Although more for one-time investment, long service life.


Q: What color is good for greenhouse film? And what color for greenhouse supplementary light?

A: It’s suggested to use transparent plastic film thus each light can enter. The best supplementary light source is fluorescent lamps, or orange-red or blue-purple row.


Greenhouse film: How to preserve films in vegetable greenhouse daily use?


Greenhouse film as an important component of agricultural supplies, how to use and routine maintenance is an important part of saving invest costs. Here we explain some of the routine maintenance of greenhouse film.


Routine maintenance Note:


1. Prevention of breaking: bridging material for greenhouses, mostly using wire, aluminum wire, and so on. These hard, sharp material most likely to break the film. Therefore, the scaffold material must be smooth. Tie racks materials suggested to use hemp rope, please do not use hard materials such as wire and aluminum wire.

2. Prevention of joint failure: greenhouse film is made up of several narrow film spliced together, if the slot is too narrow, bonded area, pulling may cause joint failure. Therefore, increase bonding area and improve bond strength in order to avoid seam removal in using.


3. Wind blows: 

Thin and light greenhouse film is easy to be blown broken under winter winds attack, so after the film covering, casts should be pinned with a laminating line at once. Generally every 1-2 scaffolding a laminating line, line tension should be appropriate. Often windy area, you can set up a simple wind barrier on the windward side to reduce wind damage.

4, prevention of aging. After the end of production in greenhouse, to clean up the film, and dry, roll up, put in a ventilated dry and dark place, which can delay aging and prolong service life. In addition, during the collection period, paying special attention to keep the film from exposure, smoke and fire.


5. Patch: agricultural film damage occurs while in use, must be patched immediately, Nowadays most agricultural film suppliers are equipped with special make up film tape.


6. Removal of water drops: in the process of vegetables cultivation, due to the large canopy temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, covered by normal films often attached to a layer of water droplets on the inside, even no-dropping film, beyond a certain time will also appear water drops. These droplets seriously affecting the transmittance of the film, reducing the greenhouse temperature, drip onto crops is also easily lead to diseases. Usually pay attention to day-to-day ventilation, thus reducing greenhouse indoor water vapor content.


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