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  • Why plant trellis is necessary for white gourd planting?

Why plant trellis is necessary for white gourd planting?



To make plant trellis for white gourd is to make better for its growth.


There are six main purposes to the gourd where plant trellis is put up:


First, it will increase the multiple crop index, make full use of the land space. After putting up the vegetable trellis on the white gourd, under the trellis, other vegetables such as ginger, leeks, spinach can be cultivated under shade.


Second, you can improve the production of white gourd.

After putting up the plant trellis, plants accept light get increased and photosynthesis increased for more storage of organic matter, which makes it easier for big fruiting.


Third, the rainy season, the plant trellis help to prevent rotten gourd.


Fourth, vegetable trellis can reduce direct sunlight on the gourd, so as to solve the contradiction between high temperature burn of stems and leaves of white gourd, thereby reducing physiological sunscald.


Fifth, white gourd cultivation density can be improved. Thanks to the improved ventilation condition, therefore, plant density can be increased.


Finally, plant trellis make it convenient for fertilization, weed control, pest control and management.


In putting up the trellis for white gourd, it’s key to take a steady ride and prevent collapse.


After the plant trellis set, rattan shelf in a timely manner. Rattan shelf either by the same direction or one side vine symmetrical between the two borders. No matter what kind of vines method, should strive for uniform distribution of vine.


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