New Irrigation Method


There are many water-saving irrigation methods such as Irrigation, micro-irrigation, sprinkler and drip irrigation. These methods are all controlled by people which are also called “passive irrigation model”. Israeli drip irrigation technology has been recognized as the best water-saving irrigation techniques.

Trace irrigation mainly refers to water-saving method which can long-term water corps in flow in ultrafine flow condition. It is said that the core water saving part is the irrigation faucet. It consists of high quality capillary bundles and irrigation film with filtration function. The water controller are buried beside the plant roots. The one end of the irrigation capillary bundles is connected to the irrigation hose supplier with full water. The other end link with the soil capillary in order to trace the water and soil change. When corps absorb water, the surrounding water level will decrease while stimulating water need signal. Faucets water will flow to the roots through capillary. The irrigation film inside the faucets can prevent faucet from being locked by impurities so as to keep long stable work. Drip irrigation and other water-saving irrigation methods have been widely used in agriculture. However, many farmers found that pipe blockage will be a big problem.Trace irrigation will offer new method to solve this problem.


Trace irrigation method refers to techniques that bury the trace irrigation hose supplier beside plant roots and transfer water and nutrition to the roots with a tiny water speed. This technique is now widely applied to greenhouse vegetables, fruit and tree planting. Trace irrigation hose can be buried 50 centimeter beneath earth to keep the integration of water and fertilizer.


It is said that since the trace irrigation hose supplier is buried under soil, it can save 50% water. Meanwhile, the faucet matched with film will help reduce irrigation blockage to achieve long last water supplies.


Experts said that, trace irrigation methods should be applied according to the actual situation.


Technology principle: since the irrigation pipe is buried, the water evaporation will be greatly reduced. With a minimum watering rate, plants can be obtained continuously water or nutrient solution to meet the growing needs. It will neither result irrigation water underground leakage nor produce water evaporation on the soil surface.


Key technology: the core part of trace irrigation is faucet which is made up by irrigation film and capillary bundles. The irrigation film has good effect on water filtration.


Economic Benefits: the water-saving effect is obvious for the irrigation hose can be reused for more than 5 to 10 years. With the development of technology, irrigation hose cost will also be reduced.


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