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  • Mulch Film and Soil Temperature Change

Mulch Film and Soil Temperature Change



Greenhouse fruit trees need go through a cryogenic sleep phase and then come to the growth phase. However, the soil temperature rises so slowly that can’t catch

up with rapidly rising air temperatures resulting in tree growth incoordination, slow root growth and tree malnutrition and so on. Mulch film is an effective way to

increase the ground temperature. However, different mulch film does different temperature increase effect.



According to survey, mulch film has obvious on soil and colorless film is better than black mulch. The temperature of soil covered with colorless mulching is higher

than those are not as high as 2 to 6 ℃ while black mulch film results in 1 to 3 ℃ temperature higher.In the morning, temperature increases little where ground with

colorless film increase 2 to 4 ℃ and black mulch film increase 1 to 3 ℃. At 14 p.m. , ground covered with mulch film come to a highest temperature where Ground

covered with colorless mulch film increase reach as high as 6 ℃  while black film increase as high as 4℃ .


From this, scientist draw a conclusion that at the same period, ground with colorless much film’ temperature is highest, followed by ground with black mulch film.

Ground without mulch film’s temperature is lowest.


Besides, from the test results, the temperature of ground without mulch film increases slowly. The soil without mulch film’s temperature can only reach the air

temperature after 43 days.


From these results, people learn the important role mulch film plays in agricultural yield for it offers a better insulation effect.


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