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Types And Selection Of Orchid Pots

1. Types of orchid pots

Experienced people who grow orchids are willing to spend a lot of money to customize delicate clay pots with thin wall and good air air permeability to make sure the orchids they grow have good appearance. The orchids grown in such pots can have a better growth than those grown in ordinary pots. But of course, the price of such pots is much higher.

Because of its small density and excellent water draught performance, the clay pot is the first choice for raising orchids. It does good to the growth of orchid with the characteristics of loose texture, strong permeability, and good resistance to waterlogging. It's better to use such kind of pot in balcony and patio where a large amount of orchids are raised to facilitate management. When choosing earthen pots, remember to select those with big bottom holes, flat mouth and consistent height. It's also advised to buy gray or dark-colored pots with legs, because such pots can improve the air ventilation beneath the pot, which is beneficial to the growth of orchids.  Although the ordinary clay pot is good, it is too heavy and occupies a lot of land. Besides, its style is simple, rough and not elegant.

The air permeability of purple sand pot is good, but is worse than the clay pot. Purple sand pot is the necessity to grow high-grade orchids, and it is especially suitable for exhibition.

2. Selection method of orchid pots

Size: generally speaking, it is inappropriate to grow small seedlings in a big pot or growing big seedlings in a small pot. It’s not recommended to use big pots because there is a large amount of soil which is not easy to move. Besides, the humidity is not easy to control and the air permeability is quite poor.

Color: of all kinds of orchid pots, the plastic pots have the most colors. The most common colors are black, white, and red. The design of multiple colors can improve the ornamental quality of orchid pots.

Air permeability: it's recommended to choose orchids pot with holes distributed around the middle and lower part of the pot. If the pot has legs, it is more breathable. You can make holes of plastic pots on your own.
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