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Types And Common Sense Of Use Of Plant Tray

1.On the market, the most is the plastic plant tray, because the plastic plant tray has the advantages of being cheap and convenient. But the plastic plant may only be the emergency basin. The plastic is polycarbonate, impervious to water and airtight. This is why sometimes the leaves are yellow, but in fact this is not always caused by lack of water but by lack of air. Plants that grow in plastic pots for a long time can cause poor growth or even death due to restricted root respiration; also, plastics will crack in the sun, and plastics will age, emitting toxins, harming the health of plants and humans, and doing harm to the environment. Therefore, the plants should be replanted into pots of other materials after purchasing the plants.

2.Tile plant tray is a flower pot that most people use at home. This flower pot has good air permeability and strong water permeability, which is good for plant growth. However, since this material is not suitable for shaping, the tile shape is generally not very good, and the viewing is general. And the pot of this material is easy to be soiled with ash, and not easy to clean. Therefore, the pots have been rarely seen in the market, and occasionally they can be seen in traditional homes.

3.Porcelain pot plant trays can be used for more expensive flower species or good plants, but if you simply plant flowers, you won't need porcelain pots for the time being. You can use porcelain pots when you want to change the pots, because at that time the plants are already strong with the ability to resist various germs. The use of porcelain pots at this time not only facilitates the management of plants, but also makes flowers look beautiful.
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