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Tomato Plant Hooks 1

The tomato hook is attached to one end to the rope and the other to the fruit ear. If the tomato hook is not hung in time, the tomato ear will break because it cannot support the fruit.

Usage: The hook should be hung on the appropriate position above the tomato. Generally, the hanging operation is carried out, then the nylon rope is placed vertically, the bottom end is fixed on the tomato vine, and the vine is wrapped around the rope to grow.

Tomato hook is one of the necessary products of tomato cucumber three-dimensional cultivation.  It is the core product of Dutch large-scale tomato planting. Three-dimensional suspension cultivation is adopted to lock the plants up to climb, save planting space, provide per acre yield, cheap centralized chemical project management and harvesting. The sightseeing effect is obvious.

Tomato hooks are mainly used for hanging plants. Advantages: beautiful, economical and practical, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant.

Silk diameter: 3mm    Supporting: 12m   Suitable for greenhouse builders and users.


1.The wire belt is rigid; the rope is thick and anti-aging. The processing technology of inferior tomato hook is poor, the wire bending is not enough, the wire is thin and not rigid, the rope is thin and not resistant to aging, and it is cold galvanized.

2.Hot galvanized and beauty galvanized layer is thick and has strong corrosion resistance, which is ideal for greenhouse environment.

3.Hot dip molding has beautiful appearance and strong corrosion resistance, and is especially suitable for hot and humid environment in greenhouse.

Advantages of tomato hooks:

1.Significantly improve the quality, size and production of tomato fruit.

2.Protect the handle of the ear to ensure smooth transportation of nutrients and moisture to the fruit.

3.Lightweight and easy to operate.

4.Economical and practical, it can be used again and again.
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