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Three Agricultural Films To Keep Warm Of Greenhouse Plants

Three Agricultural Films To Keep Warm Of Greenhouse Plants
Insulation is the focus of management in the solar greenhouse in winter, especially winter season, the outside temperature is below freezing, once icy cold enters the greenhouse, it will cause great harm for crops, how to protect crops from damage?

To set windshield film at the door from the buffer into the greenhouse, is bound to switch doors, thus the vegetables near the door are prone to grow weaker, low yield and vulnerable to frost damage. 

If a film, length twice of the door height, 1.5-2 meters wide, hang in the entrance to the walkway on the Southside, pressed at the bottom when opening and closing the door, the inside greenhouse won't be so cold, thus damage to crops will be lower. For the thick-wall greenhouse, indoor film, it's recommended to use of thick curtain, which can effectively alleviate the doorway blowing cold air.

To establish a wind-film on the windward side

Greenhouse ventilation is still required in winter days. When the windward side is opened, the cold air directly into the tunnel, just below the outlet region, the temperature changes sharply, crops often encounter cold air attacks, thus to set windshield film below the outlet is necessary. The method is: below the outlet about 1 meter to set a film with length equal to greenhouse and wide 1.5 meters, with wire pulled tight, and leveled in a South high North low State, the South hanging in pipe, and the North fixed in column, able to prevent wind in winter and avoid rain in summer. At the same time, the water drops can directly flow to the aisle, both to prevent chilling and also avoid drops falling to greenhouse plants.

Greenhouse film established in the frontier 

In the winter, frontier crops generally grow worse, easier to be sick, the main reason is large temperature changes and high humidity at the forefront, particularly more obvious at night.  If you set a piece of new plastic film mulching on the front, fixed with wire on the top, bottom down to the ground, both to prevent crops closer to the film causing cold, and also block the cold fog at the front.
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