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The Way of Growing Potatoes in Grain Bags

If your vegetable plot has enough space, we congratulate on your good luck, because you have the opportunity to cultivate your potatoes in the ground. Do not worry if your space for growing vegetables is limited, because this potato cultivating guide will teach you have to grow potatoes in grain bags.

The potatoes grown by your own and freshly dug taste most delicious! You may think that cultivate your own potatoes is complex, but actually it is not. The easiest way is using our grain bags. This is also the best way for you to grow potatoes in patios, balconies or gardens, which has a little risk of pests and diseases. Take a look at our potato cultivating guide to help you learn how  to grow potatoes in grain bags.

How to plant potatoes in grain bags?

if you want to cultivate your own potatoes but do not have enough space, we recommend you to use our grain bags, which offers great value for money.

In the past, potatoes always needed 'earthing up' during their growing process, which is a complex and tiring work for people. But recent studies have shown that potatoes grown in our grain bags do not need this process, which makes it easy for you to grow them in your patio. 

To plant up potato grain bags in four easy steps:

1. Use high-quality multifunctional compost to fill the 8 litre potato grain bag to around 2.5cm (1") below the rim.

2. Carefully place a cut potato tuber into the compost, with the branches pointing upward toward the surface of the soil at a depth of 12cm (5 "). Gently cover the tuber with compost.

3. Now all you need to do is water them, put the potato bag in a bright, frostless place and wait for them to grow.

4. Feed potatoes with potato fertilizer every other week and water the grain bags when the compost begins to dry.
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