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How To Stake An Orchid Spike With Orchid Plant Clips

As we all know, some kinds of orchids, such as Phalaenopsis, usually put out spikes in autumn, and can form spectacular flowers in winter and spring. If we do not employ any measures and allow them to grow alone, an orchid spike can become heavy with blooms that droop down over the side of the pot. Therefore, I highly recommend staking your orchid with our orchid plant clips
to make it a lovely waterfall spray, like this:


To stake an orchid spike, the only material you need is orchid plant clips, also called orchid flower clips or orchid support clips.

First, prepare your bamboo stake and insert it into the potting medium. Make sure that it is close to where the spike is growing. During this process, you should pay attention not to stab any root of the plant. And try to insert the stake into the pot as far as possible, which can help maintain the stability of the plant. Just like the picture shows:


Next, use a orchid flower clip to secure the spike to the stake near its first node. You have to pay the most care in this step, because the spike of the plant is easily broken off if bent too much while being secured to the stake. This is also the reason why the stake should be inserted close the spike in the first step---- to involve less bending. Let’s see another picture:


How do you know where to place the orchid support clips and how many orchid support clips to use? It depends on the length of your spike ; a six-inch spike can get away with one or two clips at first, but a longer spike may need two or three clips to start. As the spike grows longer you can add more clips every few inches to ensure its stability. In a word, the longer the spike, the more clips you use.

In order to achieve a nice, arching flower display, I highly recommend you to place the topmost orchid flower clip about an inch or two below the first bud that begins to grow along the spike. Such arrangement can make the flowers cascade down in a special pattern. You have to change the position of the top orchid flower clip as the bud starts to swell to make sure the clip always locates at the right position.


Finally, you can achieve such an effect:
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