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Solar Greenhouse Mosquito Killer Lamps

Working Principles Of Solar Greenhouse Mosquito Killer Lamps

1.The top of the lamp has a solar panel that absorbs the sun's rays, converts it into electrical energy through photoelectric conversion, and stores it in the built-in battery of the lamp.

2.There is a purple LED light source inside the lamp, which produces a wavelength of 365-385 nm. This wavelength has an exciting effect on the mosquito products, and induces mosquitoes to pounce on the light source of the lamp.

3.The built-in special circuit design of the luminaire forms a high-voltage power grid. When the mosquito touches the high-voltage power grid, it will be killed by an instant electric shock to achieve the effect of killing mosquitoes and flying insects.

Advantages Of Solar Greenhouse Mosquito Killer Lamps

1.Solar energy is low-carbon, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

2.The lamp is easy to use and operate. There is no need to pull the wire, which saves cost, and is safer and easy to place.

3.The life of solar panels is 15-20 years, and the life of LED lamps is 100,000 hours. Solar lamps have long working hours and lower costs. (Removal of human violence or force majeure)

4.Waterproof design is employed. It works well in a humid, heavy rain environment without fear of leakage.

5.The Industrial design is aesthetically pleasing. And light control and manual switch are used, which realizes automatic charging during the day and automatic working at night.

Use Range Of Solar Greenhouse Mosquito Killer Lamps

1.The product is suitable for personal courtyards, communities, parks, hot springs, gardens, villas, lawns, municipal units, government institutions and other venues, which is committed to annihilating mosquitoes and creating a natural protective net.

2.The products are also used in farms, orchards, tea farms, plantations, etc. The lamps installed in the plantation can kill pests, reduce the invasion of pests on crops, reduce the use of pesticides to make crops, fruits greener and more natural.

Instructions For Use Of Solar Greenhouse Mosquito Killer Lamps

1.As the solar greenhouse mosquito killer lamp is mainly charged by the sun, it must be installed in the place where the sun can shine.

2.The lamps should be placed in places where mosquitoes are often concentrated.

3.Regularly clean up the mosquito waste so as not to affect the use effect.

4.Regularly wipe the dust off the solar panels to avoid affecting the absorption of light.
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