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Proper Use Of Film Pressing Line

Dig a pit and bury it when out of service. During the preservation period, the film should be protected against exposure, smoke, and fire. Otherwise, its service life is greatly shortened. Practice has proved that the best way to store greenhouse mulch film is to bury it. After the production of the greenhouse, the removed film should be washed and hung to dry, or rolled up, and wrapped with old film. Pick a hole in the soil with moderate humidity and then put the wrapped film into the pit to bury it. Note that the upper layer of the film should be at least 30 cm from the ground. This method can prevent the agricultural film from being stored in the air and shortening the service life due to aging and brittleness.

Effect of pressing film line on greenhouse membrane

After long-term observation, most of the damaged bottom of the greenhouse occurred at the front face of the line that pressed the membrane, that is, under the pressure rope and the entry and exit of the personnel. The front face of the canopy, which is located at the junction between the canopy skeleton and the air, is the center of simple breakage and conflict. The damage at the pressure membrane line is mostly because the pressure membrane line is too tight when the greenhouse is erected. When it is exposed to windy climate, the canopy membrane agitates, which is in serious conflict with the pressure membrane rope and steel wire. Potholes will appear when the time is long. In order to avoid unnecessary damage in the greenhouse, it is necessary to take precautions against the above two places, paying attention to the protection of the front face and the laminating line, in order to effectively reduce the damage. First of all, it is not appropriate to tie the membrane rope too tight or loose when it is tied, so as to avoid the damage caused by the conflict between the film line and the shed membrane. After completing the establishment of the film line, some soft cloth strips can be selected to wrap around the wire under the film rope to ease the conflict and help protect the shed film.
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