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Proper Use Of Film Pressing Line To Extend Service Life

1.The external of the frame bracket shall be lubricated. The primary reason for the break of the thin mulch film of the greenhouse is that the rigid and sharp supports used to build the greenhouse, such as bamboo pole, iron wire and aluminum wire, will pierce the thin film. Therefore, the frame must be lubricated on the outside, and the tip of the pole and the bamboo knot must be polished.The frame should choose the soft support such as the hemp rope and the string rope.

2.The seam should not be too narrow. The greenhouse film is made up of a number of narrow-width mulch films. When splicing, the bonding area should be increased and the bonding strength be improved. If the seam is too narrow and the bonding area is small, it will cause seam removal when pulled hard.

3.Press the mulch film with a line. After the greenhouse is covered with a mulch film, it should be pressed immediately with a film line. Usually, a mulch film line is pulled every 1-2 scaffolds, and the tightness of the line is important, and a windproof barrier is established along the windward side. Otherwise, the thin and light greenhouse film can be easily blown under the assault of the winter wind, and even rolled up by the wind.

4.The mulch film should be repaired if damaged. The temporary repair method can be used if the mulch film is simply damaged during the application and retention process. There are three ways. First, the water-filling method, wipe the damaged area clean, cut a piece of film that is slightly larger than the damaged local area, and put it on the hole, drain the air between the two films, and press it flat. The second is the paper-filling method. The mulch film is slightly damaged. After the paper is drowned, it should be attached to the damaged area while it is wet. It can usually be used for 10 days. The third is paste-filling method. Mix white flour with water to make paste, then add brown sugar equivalent to 1/3 of dry flour weight, and then use it to make up the film after a little heating.
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