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Prevention Measures For Greenhouse Vegetables Low Temperature And Chill

Prevention Measures For Greenhouse Vegetables Low Temperature And Chill

1.Indoor heating

  • when the outside is substantially cooled, you can temporarily use firewood or coal combustion, directly through the stove, flue, and heat to increase the room temperature.
  • Where conditions are allowed, you can use Winery, paper mills, smelters, emission of hot water, hot air and steam as the heat source for the greenhouse.
  • To use the organic fertilizer to increase heat, that is, before planting the vegetables, in the depths of the underground 10-15cm, half buried 5-10cm thick heat of the composting of organic fertilizers (such as horse manure, donkeys dung, sheep manure, etc)

2.Outdoor insulation

  • Greenhouse erected around the windproof barrier to reduce the wind speed.
  • In the greenhouse around Earth, increasing the thickness of the greenhouse wall.
  • In digging around the greenhouse and cold ditch, trench filled with slag, rice husk, covered ditches, keep the trench dry.
  • To increase canopy cover, such as thick grass thatch (curtains), and so on.
  • Shed various parts of cohesion and caulking to prevent wind intrusion.
  • Try a long photoperiod, as long as according to the Sun, you should immediately remove the grass thatch (curtains) and other greenhouse ground cover.

3. Indoor Insulation

  • Can be covered, pull the small shed, active screen surface and multilayer covering methods of thermal insulation.
  • On the inside around the added layer of thatch (curtains), is both windproof and thermal insulation.
  • Can be fitted with fluorescent lamps in the greenhouse (distance between lamp and plant leaves keep 50cm), light exposure 10-12 hours a day.
  • At the end of greenhouse settings between jobs, import and export Office hang thick curtains to prevent air intrusion.
  • With drip-free mulch film. In addition, the greenhouse vegetable crops are sprayed Dihydrogen potassium, rare earth fertilizer, sprayed Po, as well as increased carbon dioxide, not only can promote the production and vegetables can significantly enhance the resistance to chilling injury.
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