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Planting Instruction

  • Use potting compost soil or well composted garden waste.
  • Add compost soil to the planting bags up to the level of the first planting hole and firm gently so that it does not sink later.
  • Position the first plant, the top of planting is outside the planting hole.
  • Add further compost soil up to the next planting hole, firm it and repeat the planting process.
  • Continue until all of the holes are filled and add 1 or 2 plants to the top of the planting bag.
  • Water well, keep the compost moist and add suitable fertilizer for an improved harvest.

Extra reminder:

  • Buy good quality plants, planting with several varieties can extend the cropping season.
  • Grow them in a sunshade place outdoors.
  • Plant in the Spring or Autumn for the best results.
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