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Notes of Growing Potatoes in Grain Bags

The time of cultivating potatoes in ourgrain bags

Potatoes are generally cultivated in March and harvested during summer and autumn. However, you can also cultivate them in August or September, which is known as Second Cropping Potatoes. The following table can be a good guide for you about the time to cultivate potatoes in our grain bags.

Cropping Type

Planting time begins

Final planting date

Harvest from planting date

First early potatoes

End of February

Late May

10 weeks

Second early potatoes


Late May

13 weeks

Early maincrop potatoes


Late May

15 weeks

Maincrop potatoes


Mid May

20 weeks

Second cropping potatoes

Early August

End of August

11 weeks

Some notes about cultivating potatoes in ourgrain bags

1. Chitting Potatoes
the process of growing shoots on potato tubers prior to planting is called “chitting”, which is beneficial to seed potatoes, especially the first early potatoes and the second early potatoes, because this can make the crops grow faster and heavier.

The instant you receive seed potatoes, remove them from their packaging and lay them out in a cool, bright, frost free position. The experimental method is to place them in an egg box or a seed tray. You will notice that the immature buds are at one end (called the rose end). Put the potato on this end. When you are ready to plant them, they have grown up to 25 millimeters (1 inches) of buds.

There is one exception - the second cropping potatoes does not need this process and can be grown directly.

2. Cutting Seed Potatoes
It is a normal phenomenon that the size of seed potatoes is the same as the chicken's egg, but their sizes may very often vary. Do not worry that the seed potatoes you received are of different sizes, because they have the same potential to grow well.

In the past, people had a traditional practice, that is, to cut the larger seed potatoes in half or even smaller parts to make the seed potatoes go further. The cut should remain dry for 3 or 4 days before planting in the usual way. As long as each piece has one or two eyes for new growth and development, these tubers can still grow well. Nowadays, seed potatoes are cheap and widely available, so unless you get particularly large seed potatoes that have many eyes, you don't usually need to do that.

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