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Main Features Of Agricultural Windbreak Net

The production of agricultural windbreak net can be divided into five steps:

1.Shear and bending of agricultural windbreak net: they are important parts of the production. The leading processing equipment determines the quality of products.
2.Punching of agricultural windbreak net: it is the second step of the production. Professional workers process high quality punching products for you.
3.Moulding of agricultural windbreak net: it is the third step of the production. The length of the  windbreak net can be 10 meters or even longer.
4.Cleaning of agricultural windbreak net: it is the forth step of the production. It is prepared for the electrostatic spray molding behind, and the clean effect of cleaning directly affects the quality of the spray molding.
5.Electrostatic spraying of agricultural windbreak net: the fifth step of the production is to spray powder on the outside of windbreak net.

Four features of agricultural windbreak net:

1. Anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) of agricultural windbreak net: after plastic spraying, agricultural windbreak net can absorb ultraviolet rays from sunlight.
2.Flame retardation of agricultural windbreak net: agricultural wind net has good flame retardancy because it is a metal plate and can meet the needs of fire fighting and safety production.
3.Impact resistance of agricultural windbreak net: a steel ball with a mass of 1kg is used to fall at a height of 1.5m from the peak of the agricultural wind net wave, and the product is free of cracking and penetrating holes.
4.Anti-static ability of agricultural windbreak net: the agricultural wind-proof net is treated by electrostatic spray, and after being exposed to the sun, it can oxidize and differentiate the organic pollutants attached to the appearance of the product. In addition, its super-hydrophilicity makes the dust easy to be washed by rain, and plays a self-cleaning role with no protection fee.
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