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Large Sprouting Trays 2

The plant sprouting tray is the part of the flower tray that prevents water and soil from washing down and polluting the environment. But the long-term accumulation of water in the plant pallet can also cause the plant root respiratory failure, easy to appear the phenomenon of rotting root. When the climate is right, the plant grows fast, and this problem is not obvious, but once the plant is dormant and semi-dormant, this problem will often be highlighted. At this point, plant trays can affect plant growth. Therefore, in places where there is no need to clean (such as outdoor, outside the window sill on the first floor), try not to use trays to catch water, to avoid reducing root permeability.

Put a sprouting tray under the flower pot, which is the sprouting tray. A little water on a plate can increase the humidity of the air around the pot and help the flowers grow. Just the drain hole at the bottom of the flower pot should not touch the water surface of the tray. You can use a small wooden block and other things to raise the flower pot a little higher. In this way, the root system can also breathe. The plant tray under the flower pot is used to withstand the excess water. After each watering, observe whether there is any excess water flowing out. Sometimes it needs to be cleaned up, which can not affect the ventilation of the bottom of the basin.

Wheel plant tray, referred to as wheel support, universal wheel support, wheel tray, is an upgraded product of the common plant tray, divided into two parts, the disc part and the wheel part. The use of such a tray facilitates the movement of large flowers, effectively solving the drawbacks of inconvenient movement of ordinary trays. With the popularization of geothermal heating, this kind of tray has also played a big role, effectively removing the ground and solving the damage of the root of the flower by the geothermal heat.

The plant tray is used to catch the water leaking from the pot. Whether to use has nothing to do with the season.
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