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How To Support Tomato Plants


How To Support Tomato Plants

It is happy for tomatoes to grow in diverse directions, such as upside down, right-side up, or left and right. Then why do we need to set complex and probably costly support structures in place to support them? Before knowing the reason, you have to understand that the need of a tomato plant and that of you as a tomato eater are quite different. The need of a tomato plant is to grow to maturity, set fruit and reproduce by the seeds of the fallen fruit. No support structure is needed to complete this process. However, the need of you is to harvest their fruit before they fell on the earth and decay. The purpose of support structures is to make the plants and their fruit away form the earth so as to let you get a maximum harvest. The following photos may give you some inspirations about various methods you can support your tomato plants and get a abundant harvest this season.

1. Stake Tomato Plants

No matter what stakes you have on hand, and regardless of their material, you can use them as long as their heights are beyond 4 feet. Although this method is not the simplest one, because you have to maintain tieing the plant up over the whole season, but it can save your cost and have a good effect.


2. Fence Tomato Plants

If you have already had a fence structure in your garden, you can use it for supporting tomatoes or other vine crops. If you haven’t, you can buy some light wire mesh as shown below.


3. Cage Tomato Plants

These cone-shaped cages are cheap and easy to find, but they collapse when plants start to grow full of leaves and fruit. You'd better reinforce them with a heavy stake inserted at least a foot deep into the soil.


4. Trellis Tomato Plants

Tomatoes of farmers and advanced gardeners are often trained to a single vine to harvest the maximum production rates. Although it may cost large sum of time and money for this kind of support structure, its return is very high. As can be seen from the photo below, the wooden stakes support the tomato plants vertically while the twine connected to the stakes supports the tomato plants horizontally.


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