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How To Set Bamboo Pole Stakes Of Plant Trellis For Luffa?

Loofa is strong leafy crops, whose vines can grow up to 8-15 meters, long up to 20-25 m, or even more. Luffa is highly branched, each section may have branches, and branches grow quickly.

According to the characteristics of Loofa branches lush, in the cultivation, vegetable trellis, bamboo pole stakes of plant trellis is necessary.

Plant trellis for Loofa, different places have different ways. Some use the herringbone plant trellis stakes support, some use flat canopy (2-meter-high), some buried side seam directly instead of supporting, but better to use a flat roof trellis support. When the main vine reaches 50-65 centimeters in length, vegetable trellis pole stakes support become necessary. Which must be buried and tied tight in case of being blown over by the wind or collapse. Generally, every bed to put up one sets of vegetable trellis, or the entire protected contiguous is also available. Planting in ditches on both sides of the towel gourd, and supporting can be erected in the ditch so that the luffa vine on both sides of centered to climbing the plant trellis.

How To Set Bamboo Pole Stakes Of Plant Trellis For Luffa?

After finishing setting up the bamboo pole stakes of plant trellis, to artificially tie rattan and vines in order to complement its shelves. When the main vine and branches climb up the trellis, it’s suggested to configure them in the appropriate places, so as not to overlap the crowded, effect of ventilation and melon.

Before Luffa vines climbing, the section of 3-5 canes for earth press should be carried out in order to promote adventitious root, expand the absorptive capacity of fertilizer.

How To Set Bamboo Pole Stakes Of Plant Trellis For Luffa?

Both the main and side vines of the gourd can produce Loofa. Before climbing up to the stakes, the side of vines can be cut off, generally no longer remove vines after climbing. Only in the narrow areas and vine leaves over the case, thin cane under the shade can be removed.

During prosperous period, and in the case of leaves lush, it's required of removal of old leaves, yellow leaves for the purpose of guarantee floral Sun under the bamboo pole stakes of plant trellis and avoid flower drop and melon drop.

 How To Set Bamboo Pole Stakes Of Plant Trellis For Luffa?
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