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How To Plant Greenhouse Vegetables In Autumn And Winter?

How To Plant Greenhouse Vegetables In Autumn And Winter?

How should Greenhouse vegetables be achieved high yield income? Agricultural experts teach greenhouse vegetable cultivation tips in autumn and winter to increase efficiency, from species selection to breeding management.

Generally speaking, the condition of vegetable cultivation in autumn and winter is worse than in spring and summer, low temperature and weak light will be not good to the growth of vegetables. Choose suitable species is crucial, compact plant type, high quality, high yield, disease resistance are the basic attributes for winter protection cultivars. 

Sterilizing before sowing seed in 55℃ temperature water, soaking for more than 15 minutes under continuous stirring, and then wait till the cooling of 30℃ or below for seed soaking, can be with homemade nutrient soil, And use plastic film cover it closely.

Crop cultivation in autumn and winter, should close the buckle of apical of greenhouse film and shade net in seven days in advance, but the film on both ends and the skirt is not buckled to shelter from the rain and be cooling, and ensure timely planting, and prevent and treat the disease occurrence. Irrigate enough water onto seedbed, uniformly seeding, ground should be covered with sun shading net and straw. Seedling can adopt double net film covering, while about 70% of the seedlings was excavated, should promptly remove the ground covering film or the shade net , and promptly remove wet fine soil covered to prevent the hooded earthed.

Planting management requires adding high-quality organic fertilizer, deep plowing soil in 40 cm. furthermore. To improve the brightness in winter cultivation under the premise of temperature, you should remove the straw or shed film as early as possible and cover as late as possible, and prolong the time of ventilation.

How To Plant Greenhouse Vegetables In Autumn And Winter?
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