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Greenhouse Plant Support

With its various clips, we offer value-added fastening solutions for greenhouse culture that optimize labor costs and produce yield and profitability.

1. Fast, easy to install, with the precise and sturdy cut.
2. It is reassuring because you hear the combined sound "click" to confirm that the clip is locked.
3. Sturdy hinge and latch connectors ensure stem guiding.
4. Has stomatal protection to prevent Botrytis and rounded edges to reduce plant damage.
5. Available versions.

Simple Editing
Optimize design, better
Packaging conditions to reduce shipping costs
1. Easy positioning, the hinge adopts the string guide design
2. Powerful locker, the sound "click" confirms that the clip is closed when it is in place

1. Ergonomically, it can be closed with only two fingers, and the V-shaped hinge is easy to position.
2. Reinforce the latch connector and hinge with additional handles and double locking paws.
3. Enhance the rounded edges to prevent plant damage.

The "OK Compost" certification of a well-known man guarantees the biodegradability of all ingredients (including inks and additives) in industrial composting plants.

These fasteners provide a quick and easy way to connect bubble insulation, polyester or shade fabrics to most aluminum greenhouses. Push the liner clip through the liner material and twist and lock in place in the glass strip. A collar is provided to not tear the liner material during installation. Easily delete.

Pad clips are used to attach lining materials (such as bubble insulation, polymer or shadow) to the interior of most aluminum greenhouses.

1. Slide the washer onto the rod of the pad clamp.
2. Push the liner clip through the liner material into the glass strip channel.
3. Rotate clockwise until it is firmly seated. Easily delete.

Greenhouse clips and brackets for connecting plant supports, as well as fixing glass in all greenhouse models and manufacturing.

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