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Greenhouse Plant Support Clips 2

Two types of greenhouse plant supports

1. Multi-purpose plant supports can support walls as well as taller and heavier plants. For plants, such supports are like protective walls throughout the growing season that keep them from falling and making them grow safely. This uniquely designed stand is made up of many interconnected individual stands that can be placed anywhere you want, and can be moved around and used over and over again with different growing seasons. It can play a strong supporting role for both individual plants and rows of plants. Such greenhouse plant-holder is made of painted metal, and once the joints of each stand are fastened, they never loosen.

2. A greenhouse plant support consists of a vertical column, a top beam, a bottom beam, a top reinforcement beam, a bottom reinforcement beam, a rotating shaft and a motherboard. The vertical column shall be at least three, and the top of two adjacent vertical columns shall be connected with the top beam, and the bottom end of two adjacent vertical columns shall be connected with the bottom beam. Its top reinforcement beams are arranged between the top beams, its bottom reinforcement beams are correspondingly arranged between the bottom beams, its top reinforcement beams and bottom reinforcement beams are provided with fixed plates in the middle, and its fixed plates are provided with rotating blocks. Its rotating axis is set between the upper and lower rotating blocks, and its motherboard can be set rotating on its rotating axis. When observing potted plants or adding reagents, the potted plants can be adjusted arbitrarily by rotating the motherboard, so as to facilitate the observation of potted plants and adding reagents, and make full use of the vertical column, roof beam, bottom beam, roof reinforcement beam and bottom reinforcement beam to form a high-strength overall support. It has the advantages of simple structure, high strength, convenient use and low cost.
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