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Greenhouse Mosquito Killer Lamp 2

Many people like to use greenhouse mosquito killer lamp in greenhouses to protect themselves from mosquitoes, but some articles say that the ultraviolet light emitted by the lights can cause great harm to human health and even cause certain burns. At the same time, it is also mentioned in the manual of the photocatalytic greenhouse mosquito killer lamp that the trap lamp of it makes use of the mosquito's phototropism to attract the mosquito and make it air-dried or electrocuted. This type of greenhouse mosquito killer lamp is easy to cause severe secondary pollution. When the mosquito body is dried or shocked, a large number of bacteria in the body will spread to the air and the surface of the object. This is also an aspect of the greenhouse mosquito killer's harm to the human body.

When using the greenhouse mosquito killer lamp, it is best to have no one in the greenhouse, so that it has a limited impact on the health of the human body. As long as the method is paid attention to, the harm can be reduced.

Under normal circumstances, when the greenhouse mosquito killer lamp works, people are not present, because the human body is much more tempted than mosquito killer lamps, as described in the general instructions. Therefore, greenhouse mosquito killer lamps have some influence on the human body more or less, but when it comes to great harm, it is alarmist, because the greenhouse mosquito killer lamp can work effectively only in the absence of anyone. Turn on the mosquito killer lamp as much as possible when the person is not present, otherwise it will not only be detrimental to the human body, but will also reduce its effect of killing mosquitoes.

Experts pointed out that under the current technical conditions, the light used for photocatalysis can already be from ultraviolet to far infrared. However, as the wavelength increases, the technical requirements are higher, and the ultraviolet is a relatively low-level stage, and the product price is relatively cheap. Therefore, for greenhouse mosquito killer lamps that use ultraviolet light, if you want to reduce the harm to the human body, you can choose to turn on the greenhouse mosquito killer lamp when no one is present, or choose a mosquito lamp with better quality and less damage to the human body on the market, or even choose a more primitive method such as mosquito nets. In this way, it can both kill mosquitoes and protect your health.
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