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Grafting And Seedling Raising Techniques For Cultivating Eggplants

Cultivation of eggplants by grafting and seedling raising method can not only avoid soil-borne diseases, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases such as verticillium wilt and bacterial wilt of eggplants. Moreover, due to the developed root system of the stock, strong drought resistance and vigorous growth, the output and quality of eggplants are relatively high.

The grafting clip is a good choice to prevent the bacteria from invading from the grafting interface after vegetable planting. The graft clip is simple in structure, easy to use, and will not damage the graft site.

After the vegetables are planted, the vegetable farmers often neglect the treatment of the vegetable graft interface, causing the bacteria to invade from the graft interface and cause serious losses. Therefore, after the vegetable is planted, it is necessary to pay attention to protect the marriage interface to prevent it from happening. The following points should be mainly achieved:

First of all, when vegetables are planted, they must be handled with care to avoid cracking of the graft interface. For safety reasons, the grafting clips can be removed after the vegetable is planted and the seedlings are recovered to protect the graft interface.

Secondly, when planting vegetables, be careful not to let the soil bury the graft interface. When the vegetables are planted, the graft interface should be a few centimeters above the ground. Never let the soil bury the graft interface. After the soil is buried in the graft interface, one is easy to infect soil-borne diseases; the second is that it is easy to produce adventitious roots on the scion, which affects the grafting effect.

What's more, the grafting interface should be applied with drags. Under normal circumstances, the graft interface is not prone to infection, but when the humidity is high and the interface has soil, it will be infected by fungi or bacteria. Therefore, if the bred seedlings are infected with diseases, they should be timely coated with drugs to prevent diseases in advance.
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