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Flower Metal Stakes

Metal stakes now are widely used for climbing plants cultivation. Besides the supporting function, it can also be applied to decorate the garden. Of course, the metal stakes for flower planting design should according to the plant growth condition and appearance need. Now, flower metal stakes work in two main aspects:the one is for people rest, the other is for climbing plant support.

Flower Metal Stakes

Shapes of flower metal stakes:
  • Gallery flower buys metal stakes which are common to see in the garden where people can have a rest.
  • Chip type flower metal stakes.The chip embedded in the film version of the flower with both sides or one side hanging, light and lively.
  • Independent flower metal stakes which can be used for shaping the climbing plant.

The construction material:
  • Bamboo stakes: plain looking, natural, low-cost, easy to process. But bamboo stakes has poor durability.
  • Reinforced concrete: it can be made into several types or prefabricated component easy for site installation and durable.
  • Stone: it is thick and durable while inconvenient for transportation, commonly used for flower column block.
  • Metal materials: lightweight, easy fabrication, component section and light. When using, you should pay attention to the area and climbing plant species, lest roasting meat tender leaves. In addition, metal stakes should be painted maintenance often to prevent paint corrosion.

Style and flower:
If you want plant orchid kind plant, you can choose wall-hanging type flower to buy metal stakes. For pot plant, you can choose movable flower metal stakes.

Application of flower metal stakes:
Flower metal stakes suit for various garden planting. It is often set in the beautiful scenery of the place for rest. Flower metal stakes can also replace gallery. The climbing plant also needs the help of metal stakes.

Shanghai J.L is a reliable greenhouse supplies supplier. The metal stakes in J.L are with high quality and nice price. If you are passionate about planting, please come to J.L, it won't let you down.
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