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Five Keys To Choosing An Orchid Pot

1.To be "high": Because orchid roots are developed, when planting orchids, it is necessary to put 1/4-1/3 of tiles, broken bricks, charcoal, etc. in the pot to facilitate ventilation.

2.Economy: Economy is a factor that must be taken into account by all people who have orchids.In general, large-scale breeding of orchids in the orchid field will choose plastic pots. The reason for sacrificing the breathability of the pot is that the plastic pot is inexpensive. If an individual wants to raise orchid with the pursuit of beauty instead of amount, it is recommended to use the purple sand pot. The price of purple sand pot is ten times the price of orchid.

3.Air permeability: the clay pot is the most breathable, followed by the ceramic and purple sand pot, and finally the plastic pot. If the air flow in the environment is good, the selection of pots is relatively wide. If the air flow is poor in the environment, it is recommended to choose the clay pot.

4.Beauty: most friends whose family raises orchid are in pursuit of the elegant artistic conception of orchids. The amount of orchid raised is not large. It’s recommended to purchase purple sand pots, some of which have special techniques, which are the first choice for those people.

5.Suitable size: when choosing an orchid pot, you have to avoid two situations, that is, raising a small orchid in a big pot and raising a large amount of orchid in a small pot. The former will result in the rotted root of orchid while the latter will cause the malnutrition of orchid. Therefore, it is best to select a pot of suitable size. Take high-waist orchid pot for example. For orchid with 4 seedlings, the height of the pot should be around 25cm with the diameter of around 18cm.
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