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Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Technology Application In Greenhouse Vegetable Production

In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and water needs, the carbon dioxide is also the main and indispensable raw materials for vegetable crops. Usually carbon dioxide content in the air in 300PPM, therefore lack of carbon dioxide is often overlooked in vegetable production. Studio room facility vegetable production in this particular mode, as well as the season, carbon dioxide is necessary for supplementary.

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Technology Application In Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Why do you need to add carbon dioxide?

In the cold winter, greenhouse vegetables to grow, in order for insulation needs, we often leave the greenhouses in a closed state, resulting in relative barrier inside air with outside air, thus carbon dioxide cannot be added in time. After sunrise, with the acceleration of photosynthesis of vegetables, greenhouse carbon dioxide concentration declined sharply, sometimes reduced to carbon dioxide compensation point, vegetable crops are almost not possible for normal photosynthesis, thus affecting the growth of vegetables, resulting in disease and yield reduction. In this case, using artificial means amount of added carbon dioxide is a necessary measure.

How to add carbon dioxide?
Sh has a number of ways, with the progress of science and technology, and continuous improvement. 90%~95% vegetables dry matter is from photosynthesis, and carbon dioxide is the main raw material for photosynthesis. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is usually only about 300ppm, cannot meet the needs of crops. Especially under closed conditions of protection, due to less air exchange inside and outside greenhouses, it is usually lack of carbon dioxide, affects the growth of vegetables, therefore, raising vegetables around the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment is an important way to improve the photosynthetic efficiency and increase yield.

1. Application of organic fertilizer on organic fertilizer for vegetable production not only provides the necessary nutrients, meet the needs of vegetable growth, improvement of soil physical and chemical properties, and organic matter during decomposition produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide increases in the production are common measure is the increase in soil organic fertilizer and straw mulch on the ground, the chaff, etc, by microbial degradation, slow the release of carbon dioxide, continuing to add to the greenhouse. But applying more organic fertilizers supplemented carbon dioxide alone cannot meet the needs of vegetables.

2. Reasonable to test the waters in good weather, General exercise 3 times a day. First to test the waters should be covered in the morning after an hour, the prisoners mainly dehumidification, outside in its own carbon dioxide enters and promote photosynthesis. You can use greenhouse thermometer to test the greenhouse temperature. At low outside temperatures, attention should be paid to master let smaller, less time. Second time to test the waters by the greenhouse temperature rises to 28 c ~30 ℃, the purpose of this exercise is in its own row and increased carbon dioxide, greater outlet than the first time. The third is carried out when the temperature rose to 32 degrees Celsius, outlet and then increase until the Studio closes when the temperature drops to 20 degrees in the afternoon air outlet

3. Chemical reactions method using sulfuric acid and carbonate reaction produced carbon dioxide, specific practices is: in shed indoor set 30 sulfuric acid of container, General with plastic barrels suitable, should not be with metal container, will small barrels hanging in not affect field job of space, height and vegetable plant height flat align, will 98% of industrial sulfuric acid by acid, and water proportion 1:3 diluted, avoid will water pour acid in them, so as not to splash out hurt crop. Each bucket pours 0.5 kilograms of acid, each small barrels a day adding 100 grams of Ammonium bicarbonate, generally adding an acid to add 3rd ammonium with, if not bubbling after adding ammonium and dilute acid reaction, remove the remaining solution.

4. Discharge of combustion complete biogas use lamps or gas furnace casting apparatus, set off after the Sunrise each day.

  • Increased CO2 content can improve crop production, reasons for plant photosynthesis need CO2;
  • Increased CO2 of content, can use reaction: CaCO3+2HCl=CaCl2+H2O+CO2 ↑;
  • Unlimited increased big shed in of CO2: not can, big shed in the Shi CO2 is to improve photosynthesis efficiency, and if light strong insufficient, temperature high low, improve CO2 on no with has. Excessive CO2 will also depress respiration.
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