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Benefits Of Using Plant Seedling Tray

Benefits Of Using Plant Seedling Tray

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher demands for quality and needs of vegetables. Whether flowers or vegetables, seedling tray is a transformation of modern gardening, provides a guarantee for fast and large volume production.
Seedling tray has become an important agricultural supplies in the process of industrialized seedling production.

There are many advantages of plant seedling tray:

  • Seeds saving, reduction of production costs
  • Can be used with a variety of manual and automatic planter, for centralized management to improve efficiency;
  • Seedling neatly, and maintain consistency in plant seedling growth;
  • Do not damage roots when transplanting, slow vaccine quickly and high the survival rate.

Sowing matrix for seedling tray should be nontoxic, pest-free, breathable and good drainage, stable PH values, no fertilization in a matrix, should only retain the original carried nutrients.

Seedling tray from Shanghai J.L Horticulture and Agriculture Supplies has these good performance, welcome our consumers to choose different types for better gardening and planting. To buy plant seedling tray, we are one professional supplier. 
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