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Anti-Bird Netting: Questions About Anti-Bird Netting

How to choose the best anti-bird netting?

Now too many commercials, but what anti-bird netting is 

Let's have a simple analysis: first, to choose the color of 
anti-bird netting, generally the more translucent, the 
better quality because all of the new material is 
translucent colors, floating without any coloring matter; 
second, the intensity of  anti-bird netting, generally good 
quality is relatively strong,  not easy to pull off.

Basically, two methods above can teach us to 
separate out which anti-bird netting quality is better.

Honesty, above info provided by Shanghai JL  Agricultural 
and Horticultural Supplies, is dedicated to all who are in 
need of anti-bird netting.
Anti-Bird Netting: Questions About Anti-Bird Netting

How to distinguish anti-bird netting between bird netting?

Differences between anti-bird netting and bird netting:

Bird netting is a special fine mesh, closely network, mainly in
black color. While anti-bird netting is to prevent bird
damaging crops, only to prevent the birds, no capturing
function. Anti-bird netting is popularized in the
agricultural sector.

Shanghai JL is professional anti-bird netting, in the
production and manufacturing of anti-bird netting, with
constant innovation, able to products quality products.
For protection ecological garden, building green
environmental society, strongly promotion anti-bird
network products, Let everyone feel the benefits of anti-bird netting!

Anti-Bird Netting: Questions About Anti-Bird Netting

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