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Agricultural Film: One Film For Multiple Functions

Agricultural Film: One Film For Multiple Functions

Furrow cover several times usage

To take place of the furrow cultivation with high ridge trench planting. On the high ridge of 15~20 cm high and width 60~70 cm, open 15~20 cm wide and 20 cm deep furrow, furrow sowing or planting, film flat in bed, when seedlings and film contacts to store the film until the next time to use, or open cavities to be used as the ground covering cloth.

Small arch shed first, mulch film later 

To use the agricultural film as small arch shed first, and when it comes down, to use it as ground cover cloth. It’s suitable for early maturing crop cultivation in spring planting. Shed with bamboo or branches should be smooth without sharp edges, so as not to damage the film. 

Old film with the new film, and double film covering

After Spring crop sowing, the new film covers the border surface, then make old film as small arch shed setting on the outside of new film; or after crop seedlings colonization, make holes in news film to use as ground cloth, outside small arch shed sets old film, can keep soil humidity, promote seed germination and the seedlings growth, makes old film get two times using, new film taking off for continue using.
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