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About Grafting Clips

The grafting clip has plastic grafting clips and plastic metal grafting clips on the material. Both grafting clips have round and flat grafting clips. Different sizes of grafting clips are used for different products.

There are a wide variety of shed accessories, and square plastic grafting clips are the most common used to secure scions and stocks. They are also used for grafting watermelon, cucumber, eggplant, vegetables and fruits, seedlings, etc.

Operation process of round plastic grafting clip

A round-mouth plastic grafting clip grafts a branch or bud of a plant onto the stem or root of another plant, causing the two parts that are joined together to grow into a complete plant. When grafting, the scion should be closely combined with the formation layer of stock to ensure the survival of scion.

Round-mouth plastic grafting clips are widely used in seedlings of tomato, eggplant, watermelon and other melon and vegetables.

The round mouth graft clip is a special graft plastic pipe sleeve, which connects the cutting surface of the stock with the cutting surface of the scion, making their incisions tightly combined. Since the casing can keep water around the interface well and prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, it is conducive to wound healing and can improve the survival rate of grafting. Moreover, after grafting is healed, it will be naturally weathered and shed in the field without artificial removal. Instead of the inconvenience of using the grafting clip, the advantages of using round-mouth plastic grafting clip are: fast speed, high efficiency and easy operation.
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