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Greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide technology

Average concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is generally 300-330mg/L, amplitude small. In greenhouse vegetable production in early spring, in order for insulation, installations are in the closed state, the lack of gas exchange within and outside causes larger depth variation of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide concentration decreased in the facility at noon, near or even below the compensation point, thus make the carbon dioxide be in the deficiency state. There are many ways to add carbon dioxide, commonly three methods as below:


Greenhouse Environmental Control


1.Combustion method:  by carbon dioxide generator burning liquefied petroleum gas, propane gas, natural gas and white kerosene to produce carbon dioxide. Currently, facilities in Europe to increase carbon dioxide by burning natural gas generally, and in Japan more by burning white kerosene to increase carbon dioxide.

2.Reaction method: use carbonate and acid react to produce carbon dioxide. Now the common way is the use of dilute sulfuric acid and Ammonium bicarbonate, in the simple gas fertilizer equipment to produce carbon dioxide gas, cast it over the pipe inside the facility. Standard per acre greenhouse (volume about 1300 m) use 2.5kg Ammonium bicarbonate can make carbon dioxide concentrations up to about 900mg/L. This method is lower cost, easier to control carbon dioxide concentrations, thus are widely used.

3.Application of granular organic fertilizer of biogas method: particles of organic biogas manure must be evenly spaced into the plant rows, applying depth to 3cm and keep points have some moisture in soil, so that the relative humidity is around 80%, soil microbial fermentation produces carbon dioxide. This way is simple without carbon dioxide generator.

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