Grafting Technology



Grafting, one of the artificial plant breeding methods, that is, grafting branches or buds of a plant onto another stem or roots of the plant, so that the two parts grow into

a complete plant. Grafting method can be divided into skin grafting and budding access two kinds. Garden grafting clips is one product used to fix the scion and root

stock. Garden grafting clips are widely applies to graft watermelon, cucumber, eggplant, fruits and vegetables, seedlings and other.



Garden grafting clips is actually a practical new product for plant growth and a kind of auxiliary plant growth retractors. Rose grafting also need grafting clips to help it

grow better. Here are some details about rose grafting.


As for the grafting method, rose grafting better use budding way. When doing grafting, it should be done in stock base of about 5 cm from the ground. Stripped of

acupuncture, according to bud length and thickness and rootstocks. Strip the acupuncture and then according to the length and rootstock bud thickness, respectively,

crave on "contraband" shaped or "I" shaped interface (rootstock thick). Next, pry tree bark gently at the interface and insert sharpened bud and then use grafting clip

to fix the the intersection part.


Followed management: generally the grafting part can grow well after a week in summer grafting that can heal. Since the low temperature need more time to grow, so it

needs more time to untie the garden grafting clips. You need wipe the sprouted buds on the rootstock after unting the garden grafting clips.




grafting knife should be sharp and disinfected.

Bud’s length and thickness should be moderate and the garden grafting clips should be solid.

grafting process should be quick and accurate.

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