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Electric Greenhouse Thermometer

Electronic greenhouse Thermometer is used to test the environment temperature and humidity. Now it is widely applied to detect surround temperature and humidity condition for greenhouse planting.
In recent years, greenhouse planting has developed a lot. Greenhouse planting greatly improve farmers’ living standard. Of course, these achievement has tight relation to advanced technology. The utility of buy greenhouse thermometer is the key factor affecting plant production.


In greenhouse planting, greenhouse meteorological parameters does great effect on plant growth and yield for it has direct connection to the plant respiration, root absorption. So it is important to control and adjust meteorological parameters.

Lower humidity insulation is a key to greenhouse vegetable culture tube cultivation. For seedling planting, it is critical to lower humidity index. If possible, you can use electric heating wire to increase greenhouse temperature. Or you can cover more agricultural film to make sure the greenhouse temperature above 18 Celsius. In sunny days, European a small doors while in cold weather, you need open in hotter period. In addition to ventilation, you can spray some ash, fine soil to do absorbent.

For strawberry or lettuce planting, you’d better cover at least two greenhouse agricultural films. In order to achieve better warm-keeping effect, you can add grass thatch. You can also spray antifreeze liquid or fertilizer on plant leaves.  

From the above analyses, we find that, the buy greenhouse thermometer adjustment is essential to greenhouse planting. We need buy and install a suitable greenhouse thermometer inside the greenhouse to help us do real-time tracking of greenhouse so as to do right and instant measures for plant growth.

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